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Mitsubishi Diamond 3000



2003 Mitsubishi Diamond D3000R-8. 4color+L/4color+L
28 x 40 inch 8-color format
4/4 Perfector
Double Coater. Type of coater Anilux
Approximately 182 Million Revolutions
Nordson UV System. 6 lamps, 2 each after Coater,
Fuchs-Jac IR dryer
Ink Sentinals first generation, most not working.
Full Paper preset, brushwheel automated.
Blanket washers,
Ink roller wash,
Sapc working well, with bender
Blanket washer, ink roller
New Rollers. 8 units. Bottcher Chameleon that can be used for UV or conventional inks
Gripper pads just done in perfecting. double single,
thickest substrate 24 in straight
Mitsubishi Dampening system with delta,
Tresu- combination circulator- for fountain solution and roller chillers.
Grafix-spray powder system
Mitsubishi Console,
Xrite Intellitract closed loop scanner
De-clutching on all units,
Dead point adjustment
182 Million impressions (estiimate 130 million impressions)
Type of Printer, Commercial printer -
"We run everything from #40 offset text to 24 point C2S"

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