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Komori Lithrone L-528P-III + CTR



Installed New in 2000 Komori L528-III CTR Series 45
Manuf. date 1999
Baldwin Refrigeration
Triservices Refrigeration unit, (not hooked up)
Chilled vibrator option
SAPC. Semi auto plate
Full AMR. Paper presets
Perfector (not being used). Only use in straight mode
24 point capablility
Baldwin IR Dryer
Ink Roller Cleaner
Baldwin Blanket Washers (removed from press)
NO Cylinder damage Comes with 3 extra set of new jackets
Counter reads 27 million impressions, deems press to have more
PDC scanner - not hookded up. Operator says they did not have right color bars so never used.
KMS monitor
Komori Air compressor. Working
Coating recirculator
Press is dirty and needs & has some maintenance issues
Seems to print well
Press is raised with raise kit
Press is operational
2nd unit pan roller has been removed and needs to be recovered
1 extra set of cores

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